Chi Byers

There is nothing more important to Chi than animals, particularly her own beloved dog. When you meet Chi in person, it is extremely likely that you will also meet Skeedaddle, her 15 year old Border Collie, who is always by her side. Chi’s name means the “energy” and “life force” that is inherent in all things, and in the spirit of her name she holds the highest regard for the energy and spirit of all animals, not just Skeet! In her role as personal pet photographer, you will undoubtedly witness that love and regard for yourself.

Chi was born in Vietnam, raised in Amsterdam and educated in Switzerland. And although she lived in Europe, and various cities and small towns throughout the United States, she has called Las Vegas her home since 2003. Las Vegas is where Chi found her volunteerism passion and it is where she became happily entrenched in the animal rescue community.

Chi is also a vegetarian, and a tireless animal welfare activist. In 2007, she began fostering animals primarily with Adopt-A-Rescue Pet. She saw an opportunity to increase their adoption rate and began offering complimentary photo shoots to help this rescue, and many others, show their adoptable animals in the best possible light to potential new forever families. What began as a hobby to help the rescues blossomed into a full-fledged mission to chronicle and photograph her favorite subjects in such a way that expressed their true personalities while concurrently helping the cause.

This marriage of her love of animals and her creative eye for capturing an animal’s energy did not happen merely by accident, though. Chi comes from a family of artists and entrepreneurs. Her first camera was a gift from her entrepreneur father; presented with the hope that it would spark her creativity and encourage her independence. The artistic connection is furthered by her mother, a talented painter and artist. In Canada her brother Michael is a wood and soapstone sculptor and her uncle is an award winning photographer.

Through her years working with rescues as their unofficial pet photographer, and go-to volunteer, Chi learned the value of having the perfect photo memory. She has a treasure trove of images of all of her fosters, offering memories that she can not only enjoy after adoption but also share with new forever families. She also has a bevvy of photos of her own beloved Skeedaddle. Her biggest regret, however, was not having more pictures of her recently passed love, Scalawag, a shepherd / malamute mix. Due to the fact that she would give anything to have that one last photo shoot together, she recognizes the value of the work she is doing at Pet’ographique. Chi is looking forward to capturing your special memories with your best friends.

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