Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in your photography services, can you briefly explain how everything works?

Sure! Pet’ographique offers portrait sessions in our private studio or at an outdoor location of your choice. Your Portrait Session can include just your pets or the entire family. During your Portrait Session, we capture a variety of images such as your pets individually, with you, posed shots, candid shots and more. We make every effort to allow you to view your images directly after your Portrait Session.  There is a TV room with an outdoor courtyard where you and your pets can relax while the images are prepared for viewing.

How do I prepare for my Portrait Session?

There are a few things we want you to start thinking about before your Portrait Session to make sure that we create the best portraits possible for you. What is your home decor like? What colors do you have in your home? What room does your family spend the most time in? Where are you thinking of displaying your portraits? It’s important that you start thinking about the answers to these questions so we can be sure to pick a background(s) that will not only compliment your pets but also compliment the decor and style of your home. Also, if there are specific areas you would like to display your portraits, we need to know if those spaces would accommodate a vertical, horizontal or square image.
What are some of my printing options for my favorite images from my Pet’ographique Portrait Session? We offer a variety of printing options including framed portraits, canvas gallery wraps, holiday cards, coffee table albums, photo blankets, personal stationary, photo handbags and more! Visit our ‘Portrait Pricing’ link to see all of the available print sizes and visit our ‘Boutique’ link to see all of the custom photo products offered by Pet’ographique.  You may also opt to only keep the digital images – We NEVER pressure you or try to up sell you.

How can I schedule a Portrait Session?

You can schedule a Portrait Session by simply calling 702.280.8277 and reserving a date and time.  All Portrait Sessions are by appointment only.

Do you charge a sitting fee?

We have a Creation Fee for every portrait experience which includes the Portrait Session, one Viewing / Ordering Session, professional retouching (soften tear stains, fly aways, stray hairs, blemishes etc.).   There is a $20 editing fee for additional airbrushing or special request editing.  This fee also includes storage of your images on file for 90 days from your session date. Pet’ographique offers a variety of Creation Fees depending on the type of portrait experience you are looking for. Your Creation Fee is collected at the time that you reserve your Portrait Session. See ‘Portrait Pricing’ for details.

How long is a typical Portrait Session?

Every Portrait Session is unique and will vary in length, but plan on being at the studio for about at least two hours, longer if you have more than two pets.

How long is a typical Ordering Session?

Allow at least an hour to view your portrait options and make purchasing decisions. All decision-makers should be present when selecting portrait sizes and artistic finishes.

After ordering, how long before I receive my portraits?

Allow 3 weeks for signature portraits, personalized greeting cards, photo jewelry and canvas gallery wraps. Custom products such as handbags, woven blankets and coffee table albums vary in creation time from 4-8 weeks. See ‘Boutique’ for details.
If I am going to be in the portraits with my pet, what should I wear? We devoted an entire section on our website to answering this question! See ‘What To Wear’ for details and examples.  Digital images are generally available within a week but may be longer depending on additional images and editing.

Can I order additional portraits or custom photo products after my Ordering Session?

Yes. Your images will be saved on file for 90 days from the date of your Portrait Session and any portraits or custom photo products can be ordered from Pet’ographique within that time. Many clients schedule their Portrait Session in the Spring or Summer months and use those images to order their Holiday Cards in the Winter months. We make gift giving easy for friends and family for the entire year – surprise your spouse, daughter or mom with a photo handbag or sterling silver photo necklace for their next birthday or anniversary celebration!

Can I order digital images?

Yes. The fee includes your sitting fee, editing and digital images delivered through a drop box file.

What if my pet won’t sit still for portraits?

We get this question ALL the time! So let us put your mind at ease. At Pet’ographique, we see all the different personalities – calm, hyper, bored, excited, nervous, anxious, attached – you name it! We even photograph a lot of pets who are blind and/or deaf. We take a different approach to photographing each pet because all pets are different! A squeaky noise might work great to get one dog to sit nicely and tilt her head, while the same squeaky noise might cause another dog to become crazy and obsessed. Chi, the photographer, has the patience to outlast any personality that may seem impossible to photograph. The photographer promises to not let you leave the studio until they capture the best portraits possible. Although extremely rare, if it were to happen that we didn’t capture any portraits during your Portrait Session that you are happy with, we will reshoot your session free of charge. We stand behind our services and our products 100%.

Do you offer consultations?

Absolutely!  We consider phone consultations essential prior to your Portrait Session.  It is a great time for us to talk about clothing, backgrounds and what to expect the day of your Portrait Session.  We will not book sessions without speaking to you on the phone first.  This way we can be sure that you come prepared.

How long are credits and portraits stored?

Creation Fees are non-refundable and are collected at the time that you reserve your portrait appointment.  You have six months to schedule or reschedule.  Please note that is is your responsibility to call the studio to make arrangements.  We accept calls from 8am – 8pm seven days a week.

We require a 48 hour notice if you need to reschedule your Portrait Session.

What do if my gift card is expired or lost?

We try to treat our clients as we would want to be treated.  Please call us so that we can see if we can work something out.

All purchases are non refundable.

All Portraits and products are stored at the studio for 90 days.  A reprint fee is applicable after that time.

Images are held on file for 90 days from the date of the Session.

Purchased images are stored for a limited time.

All fees and policies are subject to change at any time without notice. Please be sure to check back regularly for changes.


How do I contact Pet’ographique?

Call: 702.280.8277 or email: or our Facebook page


1Chi Productions (formally Pet’ographique) Terms:

Printing approval:  Please note that unless notified in advance in writing that you are not provided a proof.  Be sure to clearly understand your order in regard to print size( i.e. 8×10, 30×40), portrait finish ( ie: smooth or linen texture), portrait orientation (i.e. horizontal or vertical) and portrait mounting (i.e. styrene or canvas).  You understand that all orders are customized and non-refundable.  If you decide to change your order before the images are prepared for printing/file transfer and the new total is less than the original total, the remaining difference will be held as a credit for 6 months.

Model release:  By booking a session with 1Chi Productions (formally Pet’ographique) you agree that without compensation, you hereby irrevocably authorize 1Chi Productions and / or the photographer to use photographs of you and or your property ( all subjects in the pictures) and authorize 1Chi Productions and / or the photographer, their assignees, licensees, legal representatives and transferees to use and publish images from your portraits session in any and all forms and media and in all manners including advertising, publishing, licensing, publicity, illustration, commercial art for any product or services, or other lawful uses as may be determined by 1Chi Productions and / or the photographer.  I further waive any and all rights to review or approve any uses of the images, any written or finished product.

Copyright Notice:  1Chi Productions, under the protection of the federal copyright law, owns all rights (copyrights) to the images created from any portrait session. As the copyright owner, 1Chi Productions has the exclusive right to reproduce these images.  Therefore it is illegal to copy, photograph, scan or otherwise reproduce these images without permission from 1 Chi Productions.  Violators may be sued for copyright infringement.  The photographs created from this portrait session are a result of 1Chi Productions’ experience, creativity and professionalism.  By reproducing these images through other sources, the quality of the finished product is diminished, as is the reputation of 1Chi Production’s work.  The original files for the images created from this portrait session are retained by Pet’ographique for 90 days from the date of the portrait session.  By reproducing photographs from the original file, 1Chi Productions assures the best quality product is reflected in the final print.