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Adoption Portraits of Baby Goats!

Ok I guess I really do have the best job in the whole world.  I got to photograph two 3-day-old baby goats available for adoption through the NevadaSPCA.  Watch the video below to see behind the scenes video clips from this adorable session.  1min 36sec is definitely the best part of the whole video!  – Arica




Anita Choi

LOL… You look GREAT w/ two KIDS, Arica!♡♡!

Surprise vacation for my empolyees!

I literally have the best employees in the whole wide world.  “My girls” care about Pet’ographique and our clients just as much as I do.  How many business owners have the privilege of saying that?  I’m from Hawaii and every year my husband and I head home for a week or so.  For a couple of years we’ve been talking about bringing the girls home with us and this year we finally decided to make it happen.  I’ve never been so excited in my entire life to book plane tickets.  Here’s the video of John and I revealing our surprise vacation to Ally & Ashlee.  I can’t wait to show them where I grew up and all the amazing things and places Hawaii has to offer! 

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